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Annie K., Founder, Main Marketing Strategist & Executioner

Quick facts about Annie:

Corporate Finance Major turned Marketing Maven; 4 years in accounting and finance and 8 plus years in corporate marketing. Her passion is writing and marketing.  Annie's business and personal goals through SmartHER Marketing is to help you align your desired business goals and outcomes with a marketing strategy that will bring you closer to your success.  She wants you to learn and appreciate marketing and be able to apply the knowledge to yourself and your business. She really brings corporate marketing expertise to you.

What does Annie KNOW?

Business matters and practices, Marketing strategy, planning and execution in Demand generation, Content marketing, Digital marketing,  Email marketing, Inbound marketing, Outbound marketing, Marketing Automation & Operations, Content development,  Corporate/Personal Branding,  Funnel management, Social Media Management, Blog Management, Events & promotions...  and more.

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